The Art of Standing Out. Unveiling the Secrets of Personal Branding Success.


The Art of Standing Out. Unveiling the Secrets of Personal Branding Success.

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Mr. Ozan, the author of “SME Branding on a Budget: Maximizing Impact with Minimal Resources” and co-founder of Getbuzz Solutions, a renowned digital marketing agency in Singapore, shares his expertise in this interview. His upcoming book offers practical insights into SME branding, helping businesses create a big impact with minimum budget. Mr. Ozan emphasizes the importance of clarity, consistency, and differentiation in SME branding, highlights common mistakes to avoid, and provides strategies.

In the fast-paced world of business, branding is a crucial tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to make their mark. Meet Mr. Ozan, the author of “SME Branding on a Budget: Maximizing Impact with Minimal Resources.” He’s also the co-founder of Getbuzz Solutions, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, known for helping hundreds of SMEs, individuals, and even big corporations with their marketing and branding. In his upcoming book, he breaks down the essence of SME branding, offering practical insights to help SMEs create a big impact without breaking the bank.

Join us as we explore SME branding with Mr. Ozan, an expert in the field.

Q: Can you share your background and how you became an expert in personal and corporate branding? What inspired you to specialize in this field?

A: I’ve built my expertise in personal and corporate branding through years of hands-on experience. My journey began with a strong passion for helping individuals and companies distinguish themselves in competitive markets, eventually leading me to specialize in branding and lead generation. 2 key areas business get very high return on their investments.

Q: Small and medium-sized enterprises often struggle with establishing a strong brand presence. What are some key principles or strategies they should focus on when it comes to personal and corporate branding?

A: SME owners should anchor their branding efforts in three core principles: clarity, consistency, and differentiation. Clearly defining your unique value proposition, whom you want to attract and maintaining brand consistency across all channels, and emphasizing what makes you stand out from competitors specifically for your target audience are essential.

Q: In your experience, what are the most common mistakes SME owners make when trying to build their personal or corporate brand? How can they avoid these pitfalls?

A: A common mistake SME owners make is failing to establish a clear brand identity. It’s crucial to avoid generic messaging and instead ensure that your branding aligns with your core values and deeply resonates with your target audience. Many SME owners try to appeal to everyone, but this dilutes their message towards their ideal customers.

Q: Being featured in the news can be a game-changer for businesses. Could you elaborate on how SME owners can position themselves or their companies to get media coverage? What steps should they take?

A: Gaining media coverage requires a compelling narrative. SME owners should actively seek opportunities, cultivate relationships with journalists, and craft newsworthy stories relevant to their industry or expertise. Over the 5 years I met many journalists, and what they want is a content that gain the attraction of their target audience, and either get popular via shares, or add value to them to be used on later stage.

Q: Many people aspire to become published authors. What advice do you have for them on how to leverage this accomplishment to enhance their personal and corporate brand?

A: Becoming a published author is a powerful branding tool. SME owners should start by identifying their areas of expertise, outlining their knowledge in a book, and exploring publishing options, be it through self-publishing or traditional channels. A published book can significantly enhance credibility and personal branding. More importantly it automatically places you in top 1% position in your field, the reason is less than 1% of SME owners or professionals wrote a book about their field, so it is associated with being an expert.

Q: Building a substantial social media following is a goal for many individuals and businesses. What are some effective strategies to attract and engage thousands of followers on social media platforms?

A: Growing a substantial social media following is attainable through consistent, engaging content. SME owners should regularly share valuable content, engage with their audience, and consider leveraging paid advertising and influencer partnerships to expand their reach.

Q: Is branding considered a high ROI investment?

A: Absolutely, branding is a high ROI investment. Think of it as a one-time, low-cost exercise with lifelong benefits. Once you write a book, you’re an author for life; once you’re featured in the news, you’re featured for life. A strong brand boosts reputation, builds trust, and differentiates you from competitors, translating into long-term customer loyalty, increased sales, and the potential for premium pricing. The enduring impact makes branding a smart investment.

Q: Can you share a success story or case study of an SME owner or company that significantly improved their branding and achieved tangible results under your guidance?

A: I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous SME owners in achieving branding success. For instance, I have witnessed how owner of Energia Vernoica Tan, when she publish her book, automatically she was asked to join events as key note speaker, and been featured in local and overseas news. As a result her business tripped in less than 2 years, the biggest change washer branding attracting more exposure and customers to her.

Q: Personal branding can be a blend of authenticity and strategic presentation. How can SME owners strike the right balance between being genuine and promoting themselves effectively?

A: Striking the right balance between authenticity and strategic presentation is crucial. SME owners should showcase their genuine personality while emphasizing those aspects of their brand that align most closely with their target audience’s values and needs.

Q: In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, what emerging trends or tools should SME owners be aware of to stay ahead in the personal and corporate branding game?

A: In today’s dynamic digital landscape, it’s essential to keep an eye on emerging trends. Video content, live streaming, and leveraging artificial intelligence for personalized marketing are all noteworthy trends. Additionally, staying attuned to evolving consumer behaviors and social media algorithms is vital to remaining competitive in personal and corporate branding efforts.

Thanks, Mr. Ozan, for your insights!

A big thanks to Mr. Ozan for his valuable advice on SME branding. His expertise is a great help to SME owners. If you want to learn more, check out his book, “SME Branding on a Budget.” And if you’d like his help with your SME’s branding, don’t hesitate to contact him directly.

About Getbuzz Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Getbuzz Solutions is a Singapore-based Digital Marketing Agency. Mr. Ozan, the Co-Founder has been helping SMEs in Singapore grow their online branding and revenue.
Ozan Turay ozanturay@gmail.com
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