Recircle Launches ‘Recircle4Good’: Transforming Recycling Points into Support for Zero Waste Malaysia


Recircle Launches ‘Recircle4Good’: Transforming Recycling Points into Support for Zero Waste Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, 9/29/2023 – Recircle introduces a groundbreaking initiative, #Recircle4Good, allowing users to convert their recycling points into charitable donations. The first non-profit organization to benefit from this program is Zero Waste Malaysia (ZWM).

Do you want to do more than just cast out or redeem rewards with your Recircle points? Now we have #Recircle4Good, a program that lets you turn your points into purpose. We will be selecting NPOs or charity projects to join our platform so that you can make your recycling practices really meaningful. Besides helping the environment, you can also provide real-world support for non-profit organizations or projects!

The first organization that we are going to introduce in this program is Zero Waste Malaysia (ZWM), which we believe many of you already know! As a non-profit organization, ZWM always looks for donations to support its internal operations and programs throughout the year.

Each amount of contribution allows ZWM to continue spreading awareness of sustainable living by providing free resources like Zero Waste Malaysia’s Map, Zero Waste Education Series, #jomzerowaste educational video series, Trash Encyclopedia, and more.

To donate your points to Zero Waste Malaysia (ID: 415361), follow these steps:

1. Go to “Account” and select “Transfer”.

2. Enter the amount of points you want to donate and the ID of ZWM.

3. Confirm the transfer and complete the donation. (100 points = RM1)

By supporting ZWM with your donations, you will make it possible for them to provide more resources like this in the future. We thank you for any and all contributions made towards a greener cause for our country!

About the Program:
“Recircle4Good: Points to Purpose” is a transformative initiative by Recircle, designed to harness the collective recycling efforts of our users and channel them towards meaningful and impactful charitable causes. This program serves as a powerful testament to the positive change that can be achieved through recycling. Through this initiative, Recircle seeks to inspire, mobilize, and unite individuals, fostering a sense of purpose and community around sustainable living.

About Recircle
Established in 2018, Recircle aims to revolutionize the recycling industry in Malaysia with its innovative mobile application. The app makes recycling more accessible and convenient for users. For more information, visit www.recircle.com.my. Google Play: https://bit.ly/2v0XB0S App Store: https://apple.co/2EzrQvq
Lee Hillton Phone: 017-296 1012 Email: leehillton.recircle@gmail.com
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