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VRITIMES Unveils Direct Content Delivery in Email for Streamlined Press Release Access

Singapore, 07-Nov-2023 – VRITIMES, a trailblazing media technology company, has launched a new feature that allows journalists to read the full body of press releases directly within their email, bypassing the need to click through to the website.

VRITIMES has once again positioned itself at the forefront of media technology innovation with the introduction of its latest feature that promises to enhance the way press releases are consumed by journalists. Understanding the fast-paced nature of newsrooms, VRITIMES has developed a function that embeds the entire content of a press release within the initial email, eliminating the extra step of visiting a separate link.

“In today’s media landscape, immediacy is key. Journalists are inundated with information, and we want to respect their time while ensuring our clients’ stories are heard,” explains Ferry Bayu, CEO of VRITIMES. “By embedding the full press release in the email, we’re streamlining the process, allowing for immediate access to information and facilitating quicker decision-making.”

This innovative approach not only simplifies the workflow for journalists but also increases the visibility of press releases sent through the VRITIMES platform. The feature is designed to align with the company’s mission to create a more efficient and direct line of communication between newsmakers and the media.

VRITIMES (https://www.vritimes.com/sg/service) is a media technology startup company, established in Tokyo in August 2022. We specialize in press releases, functioning both as a media platform and a distributor to our media partners. Users can create and distribute press releases through VRITIMES, then use our analytics feature to review their results – all within one solution. By making it easy and affordable to distribute press releases, we aim to facilitate a more valuable flow of information in the world, serving as the infrastructure that ensures this information reaches the media and consumers.
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