LUMIROUS-Anna Yamauchi Wins Women in Tech® Start-Up Award


LUMIROUS-Anna Yamauchi Wins Women in Tech® Start-Up Award

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LUMIROUS’ Founder and CEO, Anna Yamauchi, was honored with the Women in Tech Start-Up Award at the WOMEN IN TECH® APAC AWARDS. Yamauchi’s commitment to challenging norms in fertility talk in Malaysia has been reflected in the company’s participation in various events and programs.

KUALA LUMPUR, 26th October 2023:  Anna Yamauchi, Founder and CEO of LUMIROUS wins the Women in Tech Start-Up Award in the recent WOMEN IN TECH® APAC AWARDS. This momentous accolade is a testament to LUMIROUS’ unwavering commitment to excellence, as well as its relentless pursuit in the FemTech (Female Technology) industry.

Held in Kuala Lumpur, the Women in Tech Award has been established in APAC since 2022 bringing thought leaders to the forum and the anticipated Awards Gala Dinner. In the efforts to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5, that is gender equality, Women in Tech is an organization that sets up women for success in hopes of building skills and confidence among them. What makes Anna Yamauchi stand out among the 500 nominees, is her unparalleled dedication to providing the best services in fertility treatments among Malaysians, profound resources into market trends, and her commitment to thought leadership. Her journey towards this remarkable achievement is characterized by a steadfast focus on delivering value to customers and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the FemTech industry.

Moreover, Anna Yamauchi’s commitment to thought leadership has driven the continuous efforts to challenge conventional norms and push the boundaries of fertility talk in Malaysia. LUMIROUS has actively fostered a culture of creativity and intellectual curiosity within the organization, in which they have been involved in Sunway Global Actions event, Sidec’s Selangor Accelerator Program (SAP), health talk in Berjaya Sompo and UNIQLO back in 2023 respectively. This approach is not only empowering women and men to stay ahead of their reproductive rights but is enabling the industry to shape the trajectory of women’s health topic as a whole.

However, her success story goes beyond just based on professional achievements. It is a testament to the dedication and resilience of Anna Yamauchi herself, whose collective journey is characterized by a shared vision of the struggles in reproductive health, where she experienced miscarriage. From humble beginnings to this meaningful recognition, every milestone is a testament to Anna Yamauchi’s unwavering commitment to providing help and support to those in the same situation.

As they celebrate this remarkable achievement, LUMIROUS remains in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of making every one of the clients’ dreams towards parenthood. This award is a powerful motivation to continue LUMIROUS’ journey of growth, as it looks forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

For more information about LUMIROUS and its reproductive health resources, please visit Lumirous.

About LUMIROUS Sdn Bhd
LUMIROUS is a one-stop fertility and reproductive health platform specializing in providing online consultation, doctor and clinic matching (from more than 15 clinic options), and venturing into women’s health employee benefit programs. They set their mission and vision as, “Give Up Giving Up – LUMIROUS empowers women to make their own choices to become a parent.” They will remain consistent in their efforts to provide the power of reproductive rights to couples out there.
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