Pearson Edexcel and Malaysian Examinations Council Form Strategic Partnership to Extend Reach of Pearson Edexcel Examinations


Pearson Edexcel and Malaysian Examinations Council Form Strategic Partnership to Extend Reach of Pearson Edexcel Examinations

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SELANGOR, 24 November 2023 – Pearson Education Limited, United Kingdom (Pearson UK) through its local office Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Pearson Malaysia) (jointly known as Pearson Edexcel) have signed a two-year Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC) in a strategic collaboration to extend Pearson Edexcel examinations to Malaysian Examinations Council test centres.

The partnership enhances the accessibility, convenience, and flexibility for independent private candidates who are taking the Pearson Edexcel qualifications, from primary up to A Level examinations. The Pearson Edexcel examinations will be delivered in the MEC’s test centres located in the various capital cities of 11 Peninsular Malaysia states and the Federal Territory of Labuan.

The Memorandum of Agreement was signed on 24 November 2023 at the Malaysian Examinations Office in Selayang, Selangor. Representing Pearson Edexcel for the MoA signing was Mr. David Albon, Director for International Curriculum, Pearson School Qualifications and Ms. Ng Boon Teen, Head of Business Development, South-East Asia for Pearson School Qualifications. The Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC) was represented by Mr. Adnan bin Husin, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Examinations Council. The signing was witnessed by Mr. Badrul Hisham bin Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer 2, Mr. Muhammad Fiqree Syamim bin Md Aminrol, Legal Officer and Mrs. Nor Qaily binti Sa’ari, Manager of Information Technology Management Department.

As a global education company with a rich history rooted in providing high-quality learning resources and assessments, Pearson Malaysia has been a key player in shaping the educational landscape in the country since 1961.

Pearson Malaysia offers a wide range of Pearson Edexcel qualifications at international schools, covering primary, secondary, International GCSE and International A Level. These qualifications are designed to meet rigorous academic standards and provide students with a strong foundation for future academic and professional pursuits.

Image“The Malaysian Examinations Council is proud to commemorate this partnership with Pearson Edexcel, a global leader in education. This collaboration signifies our commitment to excellence in examination management. Through this partnership, we ensure that our examination procedures are not only aligned with international standards but also benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by Pearson Edexcel,” said Mr. Adnan bin Husin, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Examinations Council.

Mr. David Albon said, “I am thrilled about our strategic collaboration with the Malaysian Examinations Council which effectively expands access to Pearson Edexcel examinations by providing private candidates with more options of test centres that were previously not available. This partnership represents Pearson and MEC’s shared commitment to global educational excellence and accessibility. Together, we are shaping a future where learners in Malaysia have expanded opportunities to achieve their academic goals, reinforcing Pearson’s mission to empower people around the world through learning.”

At the same time Ms. Ng Boon Teen, said, “This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to empower learners in Malaysia with choices that go beyond traditional boundaries. The expansion of Pearson Edexcel examination centres to MEC’s facilities throughout the nation provides a broader range of options for individuals pursuing Pearson Edexcel qualifications independently. Pearson Malaysia is committed to ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the examination process in collaboration with MEC. We look forward to heralding a brighter future for learners in Malaysia.”

Under the collaboration agreement, the MEC will be responsible for key aspects of Pearson Edexcel examinations, ensuring a proficient examination team, implementing best practices in suitable venues, and adhering to relevant legislation. The examinations to be conducted at MEC’s test centres include the iPrimary Year 6 examination, iLower Secondary Year 9 examination, International GCSE, and International A Level qualifications.

In return, Pearson Edexcel supports the MEC’s transition as a test centre partner by equipping MEC with the key documents and templates, conducting training and knowledge-sharing sessions, and offering guidance in handling and preventing malpractice and maladministration. This joint effort reflects a shared commitment towards excellence in examination management and reinforces the foundation for a successful partnership in delivering Pearson Edexcel examinations.

The MoA paves the way for a future where students in Malaysia will benefit from enhanced accessibility, expanded choices, and a commitment to educational excellence. Pearson Edexcel and the MEC look forward to a successful partnership that will shape the educational journey for aspiring learners in Malaysia and beyond.

For more information on the Edexcel courses offered by Pearson Malaysia, please visit https://www.pearson.com/international-schools

For more information on the Malaysian Examinations Council, please visit https://www.mpm.edu.my/en/

About Pearson Education Limited
Pearson is the world’s leading learning company. It provides world class assessments, digital content and learning experiences for international schools to enable more effective teaching and learning and to help learners increase their skills and global employability prospects. Pearson partners with schools, universities, and employers worldwide to offer its qualifications to over 3.5 million students annually: Pearson Edexcel International GCSE and International A level qualifications are most closely aligned to the British education system and Pearson BTECs, popular, career-focused qualifications developed in partnership with employers can be studied alongside academic qualifications in a broad and balanced curriculum. For more, visit https://www.pearson.com/international-schools. About Malaysian Examinations Council The Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC), established on February 1, 1980, under the Malaysian Examinations Council Act (Act 225), is a statutory body operating under the Ministry of Education. Initially focused on the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), MEC’s responsibilities have evolved to include crucial examinations such as Malaysian University English Test (MUET), Sijil Kecekapan Bahasa Melayu bagi Warganegara Asing (SKBMW), Medical Specialist Pre-Entrance Examination (MedEx), which was conducted jointly with the Medical Deans Council of Malaysia, Imtihan Kafaah al Lughatul Arabiyyah (IKLA) which was conducted jointly with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Ujian Penguasaan Bahasa Melayu Guru (UPBMG) which were conducted jointly with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, reflecting its commitment to advancing education in Malaysia. MEC also has 20 strategic partners to administer examination at international level especially to conduct MUET at overseas.

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