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SenyuMuseum Presents Expo Music: A New Way to Showcase Artists Works

Expo Music by SenyuMuseum is a music exhibition showcase at Casa Cuomo Lounge, South Jakarta on December 13, 2023, starting from 8 PM. This upcoming debut will featuring DREANE and TANAYU

SenyuMuseum proudly present Expo Music, an innovative showcase transcending the boundaries between performing arts and museum exhibitions. Set to captivate music enthusiast, this groundbreaking event presenting DREANE and TANAYU will take place at Casa Cuomo Lounge, Gunawarman 57, on December 13, 2023, starting at 8 PM.

Expo Music redefines the traditional music showcase experience by transforming the venue into a music museum, where the narratives and inspirations behind the musicians’ works take center stage. This immersive encounter offers attendees an unprecedented opportunity to interact directly with the artists’ creations.

More than a mere musical spectacle, Expo Music serves as a dynamic platform for musicians to gain connections with their audience, creating fan communities, and present their craft through a deeply personal lens. Casa Cuomo Lounge will turned itself into a museum of musical performances, inviting visitors on a journey through the diverse expressions of these talented artists.


SenyuMuseum extends a warm invitation to music enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, and seekers of unique cultural experiences to partake in Expo Music. RSVP is available by contacting +6282123778668 or by attending directly with an FDC of Rp. 150,000, -++. More details about Expo Music and their latest event on IG @senyumuseum.id

About SenyuMuseum
SenyuMuseum is a creative collective that explores new possibilities of branding and artistic expression focusing on experiential approach which involve music, art, architecture, lighting and interactive technology experiences. Founded on April 13 2024, Our team consists of artists, and communities. SenyuMusuem takes responsibility in every process of the project from creative development to operations. Moving freely between entertainment and networking events, we are engaged in both heritage buildings and commercial spaces as an ambassador to spread the positive message of cultural preservation.


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