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Optimizing Machinery Performance, Energy Efficiency, Vessel Performance with Integrated Digital Platform and High Frequency Data

Seamless Remote Monitoring

ImageBeing able to navigate on going maritime ecosystem inefficiencies and challenges is no longer sufficient. It is time to scale the digital transformation (DX) muscles and strategically optimize your vessel operations. What new technologies can you embrace to strengthen your supply chain, operate vessels more efficiently, reliably, and lessen the carbon footprint impact?

Smart Ship© Hub Remote Overview

ImageSmart Ship© Hub Remote, the digital platform offers real-time condition monitoring and analysis of machinery, vessel performance while enabling predictive diagnostics and maintenance.

Aside from capturing high-frequency data, we leverage legacy machine data, noon reports, maker manuals, and information collected from ship trials for integrated analytics. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms are trained to gain insight and provide business intelligence on vessel performance, fuel consumption, main engine health, and the overall condition of the vessel.

Smart Ship© Hub Remote leverages the power of Industrial IOT for to help ship owners,  operators, charterers detect potential issues before it arises, empowering them to make data-driven intelligent decisions and proactive adjustments. That positively impacts business KPIs, reducing unplanned vessel downtime, increasing operational efficiency, and propelling the ship towards global sustainability goals.

Remote monitoring to protect you from existing risks

Advanced analytics for freedom from future risks

Maritime trade is a high-stakes business where shipowners, operators, charterers shoulder crucial responsibilities. Smart Ship© Hub (SSH) understands the complexities of the marine environment and the variety of problems they have to deal with. On board equipment and machinery are more prone to breakdowns, malfunctions, and unexpected repairs. Vessels are under constant motion rendering its equipment to have continuous wear and tear. A break down ( or in other words Downtime) takes top dollar to ensure the vessel is once again seaworthy . Time elapsed between the downtime and it being back in operational condition is directly related to premium paid for maintenance .

Mechanical or structural flaws can cause serious mishaps and have often resulted in casualties during routine ship operations. Machinery failure accounted for one in three reported shipping casualties or incidents globally, as per the Allianz Safety and Shipping Review 2022. Statistics do not lie!

Marine power systems failure or vessel engine damage can not only put all assets, cargo, the crew on board the vessel in danger but also poses a threat to marine ecology. And if the vessel is a chemical tanker , crude oil carrier or dry bulk that is combustible: the risks and accountabilities are significant. Vessel damage or vessel downtime translates to significant financial losses in business. There’s constant pressure to prevent incidents at sea and reduce vessel downtime, along with the challenge of seeing maintenance costs remain in check.

Smart Ship ©Hub (SSH) endeavors to help alleviate the problems and manage the risks that maritime trade ship owners and operators face. With our digital platform in play, vessels are highly reliable and the reliability ranges between 20% to 33% , one in three downtime scenarios have are being constantly successfully predicted and averted.

Planned maintenance is essential for reducing the frequency of equipment or machinery failures and avoiding breakdowns that may lead to disruptions in vessel operations. However, continuing to sail within the comfort zone—relying solely on traditional ship maintenance methods—will leave ship owners and operators vulnerable to unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime.

It thus becomes “mission-critical” to get Smart and explore a newer, more economical, and effective maintenance approach.

Embrace Digital Innovation

Increase Fleet Uptime

Reliable and cost-effective technologies with multilevel impact—even from REMOTE locations in real-time.

Smart Ship Hub’s “ All in One” Feature

ImageVessel Condition monitoring is the process of continuously observing a set of voyage metrics and/or shipping process variables that indicate the state of the vessel being monitored. Smart Ship© Hub Remote IOT Services facilitates this even from the farthest offshore location. Remote vessel condition monitoring is critical to sustainable shipping operations and machine health maintenance and management.

Smart Ship© Hub Remote’s digital services present a real-time monitoring data-driven predictive maintenance solution for the shipping industry, powered by dynamic machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).

Smart Ship© Hub (SSH) digital platform uses high-frequency data and proprietary algorithms to create a Vessel Health Index, providing real-time insights into machinery health and equipment condition. A very unique offering where the vessel’s health is quantified in terms of its machinery fitness and vessel’s over all sea worthiness. Augmenting your planned maintenance systems with Smart Ship© Hub Remote will support you in proactively addressing potential issues and avoiding costly downtime. Remote monitoring and Live communication of vessel and machine health data enable predictive maintenance and effective management of shipping operations.

Maritime digitalization technologies are now a prerequisite, a cost-competitive investment that will serve you well in the long term.

“An organization with a ‘safety culture’ is one that gives appropriate priority to safety and realizes that safety has to be managed like other areas of the business.”

– International Maritime Organisation

It is crucial to conduct timely maintenance activities for the vessel’s structural integrity and stability to remain in compliance with safety standards  and environmental regulations.

Remote management of Vessels through collection of fleet-wide data across vessels coming from the engine and onboard equipment, end-to-end analytics, and reporting have a combined positive impact, redefining the Vessel Health & Condition Monitoring process.


ImageSmart Ship© Hub Remote’s  SMART ALERT for various failure modes provides advance warning on possible downtime. The ALERT engine is configured to generate alarms when actual and potential errors or failure is detected. The other purpose of the alarm is to prioritize the failures based on how serious the consequences could be and how frequently they occur. It also generated Failure Mode Effect Analysis along with in-depth knowledge on risks of failures that could inform timely actions and support continuous improvement.

Relevant drawings, videos, images of equipment, safety procedures, inspections, and work orders are linked to these alarms. The generated alarms and notifications can be made available on devices like iPads aside from Desktops. The SMART ALERT tool is most useful for planning optimal downtime schedules in advance, well before the failure occurs.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics enables maritime trade shipowners and operators to avoid costly unplanned downtime and increase asset reliability from a remote environment. Graphical chart-based and tabular insights based on historical as well as Live shipping data are available as a customized service to accurately measure critical vessel parameters.

Our validated and globally trusted ML-based advanced integrated analytics detect and deliver early warnings on vessel condition, engine health, and other asset anomalies—sometimes weeks or months before the failure occurs. The predictive algorithms can forecast the exact time of failure, allowing maintenance priorities to be specified.

Predictive Analytics provides the necessary information to trigger Alerts and assists engineers in determining the next maintenance cycle for machinery or equipment in service to prevent unanticipated problems during the voyage and wastage of resources.

With substantial cost savings as one of the key outcomes, maritime trade organizations are deploying Smart Ship© Hub Remote for Predictive Maintenance that ensures lower vessel downtime.

Diagnostics Algorithms

The SMART ALERT tool triggers our proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms that gets trained to deliver vessel health diagnostics by utilizing live data generated together with historical data, past FMEA’s, Legacy onboard data and other pertinent process data captured through our Data Quality Management (DQM) feature. The data-driven machine learning-based wear fault diagnostic model is built to support engineers in determining the cause of fault modes correctly.

The diagnostics algorithms identify the root cause and provide clear actionable insights and recommendations for making informed decisions. The ML algorithms thus help avoid failures, especially those earmarked as a high priority by the automated Technical Advisory Reports for crew and shore staff.

Smart Ship© Hub Remote IOT Services can be relied upon for data-backed guidance on corrective measures, leading to substantial savings in spares, maintenance costs, labor, and lost business opportunities.

Smart Ship© Hub Remote Features


●     Continuous Tracking & Situational Awareness

Smart Ship© Hub Remote is a 24/7 AI/ML-powered intelligent system that facilitates remote tracking of ships during voyages to and from the port.. The entire fleet of ships may also be continuously monitored from an onshore remote center and controlled by an automatic system. Smart Ship© Hub Remote IOT Services facilitate the seamless communication of real-time voyage data informed by onboard sensors enabling the ship operators to acquire adequate situational awareness.

●     Integrated Onboard and Shore Operations

The fleet stays continuously connected with the ship owner’s onshore vessel operations management team. With full access to the onboard engine and assets operations information through the remote monitoring systems, the operators get superior visibility for maintenance planning and optimal vessel operations management.

●     Single Source of Truth Across the Fleet

The Smart Ship© Hub (SSH) maritime digitization platform catalyzes the collection of raw shipping data from Vessel Machinery, IoT sensors, and multiplexers, harmonizes it, and delivers it to the shore team in the form of customized Dashboards, Analytics, Alarms, Alerts, and Advisory. Leveraging data with the help of AI/ML-powered integrated analytics creates immense value as it reduces human effort in gaining business insights for the organization, ship owners, and operators.

Previously, it was essential to contact a third party or consult various sources of information separately to check the ship’s statistics, which took a long time. SSH platform is the “go-to” unified and single source of truth for shipowners, superintendents, and managers that simplifies dealing with problems that may arise while sailing.

●     Predictive Diagnostics

Predictive Diagnostics is a proactive approach for solving unplanned downtime of vessels due to equipment failure that helps create substantial cost savings for Ship Managers and Operators.

Live data from Main Engine, Auxillaries, Diesel Generators, Boilers, Scrubbers, Cranes, Flow Meters, Pumps etc. with historical data coming from noon reports and sea trials gives a peek at live conditions on machines running on the vessels. These data sets are continuously monitored and machine learning and algorithms models bring in actionable intelligence about the condition of machinery and spares further supported by an advisory modeling system. Owners and operators can take decisions supported by the system to make the sailing smooth and operationally efficient.

●     Predictive Maintenance of Machinery

It is a proactive approach in which early study of the machinery while it is still operating normally exposes the shipboard equipment or the machinery’s condition, thereby forewarning of the impending degradation or the onset of defects in the machinery.

With full awareness of the equipment’s current and future capabilities, maintenance activities can be undertaken in advance in a planned manner, supporting optimal utilization of resources.  Predictive maintenance aims to solve problems and any maintenance challenges ahead of time. It is also by far the most cost-effective as compared to traditional maintenance approaches. Using Smart Ship Hub platform, Vessel Owners & Operators are saving upto 11% in their maintenance budget with our Tech Advisory on vessel operations.

●     Vessel Health Index VHI

Smart Ship© Hub Remote generate the most empirical and accurate Vessel Health Index (VHI) to aid vessel condition monitoring, ensuring the safety and security of the vessel. Get an account of reliability-centered maintenance identified for different parts of the ship. Powered by AI/ML, the VHI provides estimates the “Remaining useful life” of specific equipment and enabling a quantified measure of Vessel health index.

●     Individual Vessel Performance Management with Select Smart Sensors and Gateway Technologies

Smart Ship© Hub Remote uses smart sensor technologies, connectors, and proprietary gateway devices, which enable efficient shipping data capturing and communication with reliable safety and security.

●     Cloud-based Services

SSH is an end-to-end Cloud agnostic digital platform. Available on any 3rd party cloud services, that suits the customer, the digital platform can be seamlessly accessed from mobile, tabs or desktops remotely . Cloud solution brings real-time benefits and drives productivity, efficiency by providing live and holistic data on complete vessel and voyage performance while bringing down on-prem infrastructure cost by upto 40% in few cases.

Smart Ship© Hub Remote Benefits


●     Reduced Downtime of your fleet

●     Improved Reliability of Assets across

●     Increased efficiency across machinery and decision making processes

●     Maximized Reliability and voyage safety

Aside from the above primary benefits, there are a host of secondary benefits:

●     Reduced overheads

●     Increased energy savings

●     Overall operational efficiency gains

●     Reduced maintenance and repair costs

●     Minimized component failures

●     Forecast of inventory preventing unnecessary hoarding of parts and wastage of resources

●     Optimal utilization of man-hours

About Smart Ship Hub Digtial Pte Ltd

Smart Ship© Hub (SSH) is a Saas platform aimed at ocean based assets namely merchant ships, cruise lines, offshore oil drilling units, tugs & barges, RORO’s and Ropax, Ferries . SSH offers a unified ready-to-deploy cloud-based platform with on-demand digital services for shipowners, operators, charter parties, maritime insurers, and port authorities, facilitating remote fleet and voyage management, decarbonization, voyage efficiency, predictive diagnostics, machinery condition monitoring, and performance optimization. Headquartered in Singapore, under the able leadership of its CEO, Joy Basu, SSH has its customer facing operations across India, Japan, China, Dubai, Rotterdam and Hong Kong. With service network across 110+ ports around the world, SSH is the platform of choice for owners, operators , charterers for its integrated digital platform experience “ All in one” platform for Vessel Performance, Voyage Performance, Weather Routing, Condition monitoring and 24/7 Performance Center for fleet performance. Smart Ship© Hub (SSH) is on a mission to stay at the forefront of Ship 4.0 technologies and takes pride in its deep engineering and unparalleled maritime domain experience for its clients. With skilled human resources spread across Singapore, India, Japan and agile technology processes, SSH has rapidly grown into one of the most trusted maritime digital platform and technology partner for large, midsized and smaller vessel owners, operators and charterers.
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