Silicon Valley’s secret: Baguio partner key to scaling venture-backed startups in the United States


Silicon Valley’s secret: Baguio partner key to scaling venture-backed startups in the United States

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While there are many outsourcing firms based in the Philippines, there is none quite like FullSuite. Unlike other firms, which focus on providing the human capital needed, FullSuite operates at an intersection: The Baguio-based firm provides both offshoring and management consulting.

In practical terms, this means that FullSuite not only provides the talent but also strategizes on how to maximize them. Often this involves making recommendations that seemingly go against their own best interests. For example, the company occasionally advises partners against expanding resources too quickly,  even if it means the opportunity for their own revenue is postponed.

While this level of candidness may seem counter-productive, it is actually to their benefit: Clients trust FullSuite more, which is evident in the slate of top American tech companies that have trusted the brand over its near decade-long history.

Acting in true service of each client is baked into FullSuite’s agreement with each partner. Unlike other outsourcing firms, which tie partners to non-compete or non-solicit agreements, FullSuite takes a markedly different approach: The company includes provision for a possible spin-off.

FullSuite did exactly this with a venture-backed data analytics startup in private capital  markets. According to FullSuite CEO Maggie Po, the company set up their partner client’s data operations before spinning it off to their own separate Philippine entity. The ability to scale data operations cost-efficiently and smoothly in the Philippines proved to be a smart business move: The startup was acquired by the biggest bank in the world in early 2023.

“It’s a move we have recommended and initiated, and something that is not done in this industry we are in because – why kill the golden goose? We have always been very proud of that milestone because we were able to execute what initially was thought impossible- that data extraction in that industry can only be done by lawyers and paralegals,” said Po.

Po explained that these seemingly counterintuitive recommendations make sense. As their partner grows and scales – some toward additional funding round or even an M&A – there is internal pressure to bring critical roles in-house, where business owners have full fiduciary and operational control of resources, data, and processes.

FullSuite, in short, has succeeded as an offshoring provider of choice because it sees eye-to-eye with each partner in doggedly pursuing one major goal: scale. Every choice, no matter how minor, advances this mandate. For example, FullSuite offers simple pricing – a single line item, rather than the complicated three to four that other firms might have – so it’s easier for businesses to forecast expenses and make decisions accordingly.

To take care of clients, FullSuite must first take care of its employees. To this end, the company offers one of the most comprehensive benefits in Baguio, if not the entire region.

“Our benefits are unmatched: We have two meals a day for our employees, on top of our health and wellness programs. We have quarterly and annual bonuses.  We have parties – lots of them. We have a very strong social and professional culture within FullSuite, allowing our team to bring their A-game consistently at work,”  said Po.

In this way, FullSuite mirrors many of the tech companies in the United States it serves: The organization prioritizes culture as the key to business growth.

About FullSuite
FullSuite is the go-to resource and remote operations concierge of choice of venture-backed startups in the US. FullSuite provides customized finance and operational solutions for early-stage and growth startups from the pre-revenue stage to when they scale. We help startups scale faster and smarter. For more information about FullSuite and its transformative working scholarship program, visit FullSuite’s website.
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