enspace Cebu announces expansion into Cebu Business Park, the biggest branch in the Philippines


enspace Cebu announces expansion into Cebu Business Park, the biggest branch in the Philippines

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With enspace Cebu’s new branch, multifaceted workspaces, all-in business support and unwavering commitment to its clients, the biggest branch is poised to become a hub for innovation, collaboration, and success, further propelling as a in the Philippines.

enspace, the largest shared-office and coworking space in Sendai, Japan and the leading flexible workspace provider in Cebu City with all-in business support, is thrilled to announce the soft opening of its second and largest branch in the strategic and stellar location of Cebu Business Park, scheduled for March 2024.

The new enspace Cebu Business Park will offer a variety of workspace options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The space will feature many private offices for teams, massive coworking spaces, call booths, and Theater space, all equipped with high-end amenities.

The biggest branch features a range of high-end amenities, including:

・High-speed internet access
・Coffee and Pantry area
・All-branch access in Japan and the Philippines
・Printing and scanning facilities
・Collaborative and spacious coworking spaces
・Very competitive rates and workspace options
・Event spaces and multi-function rooms for community and networking events
・Premium and fully furnished offices with flexible terms and conditions
・Virtual office memberships for businesses seeking a professional presence
・Well-equipped call booths and meeting rooms

Business support services, including business registration, accounting & bookkeeping, and legal assistance

Global employment outsourcing (GEO) services

Business and community matching opportunities to connect with potential partners and clients

FREE Business and Legal consultations for members

enspace Cebu Special Amenities: 

Zen Space – is a traditional Japanese room with tatami that is designed for relaxation and meditation. Tatami mats are made of woven straw and are traditionally used as flooring in Japanese homes. They are soft and comfortable to sit on, and they have a natural aroma that is said to promote relaxation.

Theater space– This versatile space with 20-25 seats will provide members with a platform for hosting presentations, workshops, training sessions, and intimate performances. The theater space will also be available for rent per hour by external organizations and individuals.

Bringing Japan’s Coworking Culture and Community Building to Cebu

enspace Cebu Business Park will introduce Cebu’s businesses to the unique coworking culture and community-building experience that has been instrumental in the success of enspace Japan operations.

The new branch will offer a dynamic and inspiring environment where individuals and teams can connect, collaborate, and grow together.

A Japan-Inspired Workspace Experience; 和モダン (wa-mōden)

enspace Cebu Business Park branch will feature a unique and inspiring design inspired by Japanese modern 和モダン (wa-mōden) aesthetics. The workspace will incorporate elements of Japanese culture, such as natural materials, clean lines, and a focus on functionality and comfort. This design will create a serene and productive environment where individuals and teams can thrive.

Pre-Opening Special Offer

To celebrate the upcoming soft opening, enspace Cebu Business Park is offering a special pre-opening discount for private office members. Sign up before December 31, 2023, and enjoy:

50% OFF on your first month of private office membership

FREE 30 hours of meeting room usage

FREE 6 hours of access to the Theater space

FREE 6 hours of access to the Zen space

FREE Japanese lunch bento x No. seats for 30 days

[Inquire Now and Get a Quote]

enspace Cebu Business Park is now accepting inquiries and providing quotation for private offices and coworking memberships. Visit bit.ly/enspaceServicesInquiry to learn more and secure your space in Cebu’s newest coworking hub.

Strategic Location in Cebu’s Premier Business District

Our current location is in Park Centrale, Cebu IT Park. Office and coworking members are privileged to have multi-location access in all branches in the Philippines and Japan.

The new branch (Floor Area: 1,500 sqm) will be situated on the 14th floor of the Latitude Corporate Center building, Mindanao Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. Located in the heart of Cebu Business Park, enspace Cebu Business Park provides easy access to a network of businesses, transportation, and amenities.

The branch is situated within walking distance of major banks, restaurants, and shopping centers and government offices.

A Stellar Advantage

Latitude Corporate Center, an iconic 24-story office building in the heart of Cebu Business Park, stands as a testament to modern architecture and sustainable design. Its sleek and sophisticated facade reflects the dynamic spirit of Cebu City, while its LEED Gold certification highlights its commitment to environmental responsibility.

With enspace Cebu’s prime location, versatile workspace options, and unwavering commitment to its members, the biggest branch is poised to become a hub for innovation, collaboration, and success, further propelling Cebu’s position as a leading business support and coworking powerhouse in the Philippines.

The “en” in enspace

The “en” in “enspace” represents five thoughts that we have cherished. To provide value to our customers and to receive “thank you” in the form of “yen (en)”. To have “relationships” with people who have supported us even though we had little experience as a venture business. From the very beginning of our business, we have been utilizing the power of “en” and maximizing our potential. If we are going to do something, we want to do it in a fun way, as if we were having a party with our friends. Furthermore, “en” also means “to connect”.

Our concept is “Glocal Factory”. It is our framework for community building that helps to bridge the gap between the local and the global, enabling communities to achieve their goals through collaboration and innovation.


Company name: ENRISE GLOBAL INC. CEO: Katsuhiro Ago Services: Coworking, Virtual Office, Serviced Offices, Business Registration, HR Management and recruitment, Accounting and bookkeeping, Global employment outsourcing (GEO) services and Legal Support for businesses. enspace Cebu website: https://www.enspace.work/cebu-en ENRISE GLOBAL INC: https://enrise-global.com/ 360 Virtual Tour: https://mata.ph/enspacecebu/

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