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BUTLER Marine Launches Its First Engine Servicing Workshop for Boating Enthusiasts in Singapore

In August this year, BUTLER Marine, a division of the premier lifestyle management company BUTLER, successfully conducted its first engine servicing workshop for boating enthusiasts in Singapore. This milestone event, tailored for both experienced and aspiring boaters, marked an important step in BUTLER Marine’s commitment to enhancing the boating community’s knowledge and skills.

The workshop, held at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, offered participants hands-on training in boat engine maintenance and care. The session was led by experts and covered a range of essential topics from routine maintenance to advanced troubleshooting techniques. It was well-received by attendees, who gained valuable insights into the intricacies of boat engine care.

“Our goal with this workshop was to empower boat owners and enthusiasts with the necessary knowledge, and skills to maintain their vessels effectively. The enthusiastic participation and positive feedback we received are a testament to the growing interest and passion for boating in Singapore,” said Poon Da Qian, Founder & CEO of BUTLER for BUTLER Marine.

This initiative is part of BUTLER Marine’s broader vision to foster a well-informed and skilled boating community in Singapore. The success of the workshop has paved the way for future events and programs designed to support the needs and interests of local boaters.


BUTLER Marine, a specialized division of BUTLER, offers bespoke marine services and experiences, reflecting BUTLER’s ethos of excellence and luxury in every endeavor. The division is dedicated to providing superior marine services, enhancing the lifestyle of boating enthusiasts in Singapore.

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