NextAsia Land Inc. Proudly Partakes at the Pag-IBIG StAR Event: Celebrating Achievements in South Luzon


NextAsia Land Inc. Proudly Partakes at the Pag-IBIG StAR Event: Celebrating Achievements in South Luzon

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Tagaytay – NEXTASIA Land, a leading real estate developer dedicated to creating sustainable and connected communities, was delighted to participate in the highly anticipated Pag-IBIG Fund Stakeholders’ Accomplishment Report (StAR) event. This momentous gathering brought together stakeholders from the South Luzon region to reflect on and recognize the remarkable achievements of the first half of 2023.

The event, held in Tagaytay on Friday, served as a platform for Pag-IBIG Fund, a renowned government agency providing affordable housing finance to Filipinos, to showcase its accomplishments and extend gratitude to the remarkable participants.

NEXTASIA Land showcased its commitment to excellence and its relentless efforts in building sustainable living spaces. As a forward-thinking real estate developer, NEXTASIA leverages innovations and embraces sustainable practices, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the industry.

By integrating cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly initiatives, NEXTASIA is at the forefront of shaping the communities of tomorrow. Their developments are designed to be future-proof and digitally-enabled, offering residents convenience, security, and a connected lifestyle.

NEXTASIA Land is unwavering in its commitment to building safe, secure, and connected communities. Their emphasis on value ensures that residents can enjoy a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on quality.

The participation at the Pag-IBIG StAR event stands as a testament to the collective achievements of the real estate industry in South Luzon. It highlights the shared vision among stakeholders in creating thriving communities that foster a sense of belonging and well-being.

As NEXTASIA continues its journey towards creating sustainable and connected living spaces, the company looks forward to further collaboration with Pag-IBIG Fund and other like-minded participants. Together, they aim to shape a better future for all Filipinos.

About Next AsiaLand Inc.

About NEXTASIA: NEXTASIA Land is a rapidly emerging key player in the real estate industry, garnering acclaim for its commitment to constructing future-proof, digitally-enabled, value-oriented, and sustainable living spaces. Their visionary approach centers around fostering community engagement, embracing environmental responsibility, and promoting economic resilience. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design, NEXTASIA Land is revolutionizing the way people experience and connect with their homes.

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