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Attention SouthEast Asia Game Communities: JACK IT Presents the “TOURNAMENTS OF TOURNAMENT” Competition with a $40,000 prize

JACK IT, the Japan-based eSports community support project, is excited to announce the opening of registrations for the South-East Asia regional competition of the “TOURNAMENTS OF TOURNAMENT.” Forty selected communities in the South East Asia region will battle for the title of the best mobile MOBA community, with a total prize pool of $40,000 USD.

JACK IT is thrilled to host the worldwide mobile MOBA community competition, “TOURNAMENTS of TOURNAMENT in South East Asia,” in April 2024. Registration is now open for all Mobile MOBA communities.

TOT is a series of exciting tournaments for game community leaders and managers, focusing on Mobile MOBA title communities for the upcoming season. JACK IT aims to provide benefits to community leaders who are dedicated to expanding their communities. This initiative aims to foster future talents, support continuous growth, and contribute to the expansion of the eSports industry as a whole.

■Grade system and total rewards for TOT

The grade will be based on community growth, scale, number of participants, and tournament frequency, using JACK IT’s unique valuation basis. The top team in each region will receive a total compensation budget of $40,000 USD, which can be used for future community development activities.


Date: April 1st 2024〜

​Entry Fee:Free

Total Rewards:8,000USD*Out of the total prize pool of 40,000 USD for all tournaments, the prize allocation for the Southeast Asia tournament will be 8,000 USD.


Please register using the link below and ensure to complete all fields. By completing this form, you consent to us contacting you via the email you provide.

Registration Deadline: March 31,2024


■Featured Mobile MOBA titles

・Arena of Valor

・League of Legends: Wild Rift

・Mobile Legends

・Pokémon UNITE



For additional/ more TOT information and the benefits of participation for your game communities, please visit our website or join the Discord channel. Register today to be part of this exciting competition!


JACK IT is a Japan-based project established in 2023 by community marketing experts with deep knowledge of blockchain to support and promote esports communities worldwide. Its goals include increasing awareness of esports and nurturing talents. Initially focusing on the mobile MOBA category, JACK IT plans to expand into other esports categories in the near future.

JACK IT Website: https://tot.jackit.gg/en

JACK IT X:https://twitter.com/JACKITgg

JACK IT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackitgg

JACK IT Discord: https://discord.gg/dRzuF8NFRN

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