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Zen Koh Honoured as People’s Choice Neuro Rehab Leader of the Year at the 2023 Neuro Rehab Times Awards

Zen Koh, a trailblazing Rehabilitation Technology innovator and roboticist, has been honoured with the esteemed “People’s Choice: Rehab Leader of The Year” award presented by Neuro Rehab Times, a prestigious UK-based publication. The inaugural NR Times Awards distinguishes visionaries spearheading transformative initiatives, propelling innovation to deliver life-altering results for patients. Selected from a pool of 120 nominees, Zen Koh, the Co-Founder & Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, secured the accolade through a public vote, acknowledging his exceptional leadership and substantial contributions within the field.

ImagePicture 1: Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, voted People’s Choice: Rehab Leader of The Year at the Neuro Rehab Times Awards 2023.

Throughout a distinguished career spanning over two decades, Zen Koh has fervently dedicated himself to advancing the field of rehabilitation through the creation of innovative robotics and AI solutions. As a serial technopreneur, his impactful journey commenced with the founding of i-CREATe, START Centre, and Fourier Intelligence in 2015. Koh has been instrumental in fostering deep collaboration within the development teams, leading to the creation of groundbreaking devices benefiting both patients and therapists. At the helm of Fourier Intelligence’s neurorehabilitation robotics program, Koh has been the driving force behind the company’s exceptional milestones, including the development of award-winning devices such as the renowned ArmMotus™ EMU, ExoMotus™ M4, and the recently unveiled MetaMotus™ Galileo.

Zen Koh’s outstanding contributions have garnered significant recognition. He was previously honoured with the esteemed IEEE/IFR Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award (IERA) for his groundbreaking innovation, the ArmMotus™ EMU. This prestigious award celebrated his pioneering approach, which seamlessly integrated adaptive rehabilitation with entertainment technology, signifying its potential to revolutionise the healthcare landscape. The ArmMotus™ EMU, a 3D back-drivable upper limb rehabilitation robot, introduced a groundbreaking cable-driven mechanism, positioning it at the forefront of rehabilitation robotics.

The IERA Award, symbolising the transformation of visionary ideas into tangible products, is a testament to his entrepreneurial drive. Jointly sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) and the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the award ceremony, held at the ICRA 2023 Awards Ceremony in London, honoured Zen Koh with this esteemed recognition.

Zen Koh has been a driving force in the industry, actively fostering collaborative initiatives to bolster learning and cooperation among professionals. Serving as the General Chair for RehabWeek 2023, the international conference held in Singapore marked a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Asia, drawing together the largest gathering of rehabilitation experts and entrepreneurs globally. This monumental event not only provided Southeast Asia and Asia with exposure but also established a crucial bridge between continents, showcasing the region’s prowess in the field. Zen’s unwavering commitment to industry organisations and initiatives has solidified his position as a revered thought leader and advocate for patient-centred care.

Juggling multiple roles, Zen Koh also serves as the President of the International Industry Society for Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART), Co-founder, and Executive Director of the Swiss-based MotusAcademy Association and assumes the position of Managing Editor for the Journal of Rehabilitation Methods and Technologies (JRMT). His multifaceted engagement across these diverse roles exemplifies his profound dedication to advancing the field of rehabilitation and shaping its future through collaboration and advocacy.

“The NR Times Awards gathered a phenomenal cohort of exceptional individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds, all contributing significantly to the domains of rehabilitation and healthcare. It’s a deeply cherished honour to receive this award, a recognition that stands out among a field of high-calibre nominees. Embarking on my career in robotics and rehabilitation technology more than two decades ago has been an incredible journey, witnessing remarkable advancements that have profoundly enhanced patient care and outcomes.

While relentlessly pursuing the development of more advanced solutions, my mission has consistently revolved around nurturing robust collaborations among fellow industry, clinical, and research leaders – a pivotal factor in the industry’s overall success. With this vision in mind, I foresee an expansive rehabilitation ecosystem that seamlessly integrates various solutions, amalgamating them within clinical settings. This unified platform unites solution providers with the shared goal of significantly enhancing patient recovery outcomes.”

Guided by his leadership, Fourier Intelligence has made remarkable advancements in the realm of neurorehabilitation robotics, showcasing an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch patient care via groundbreaking and innovative rehabilitation technology solutions.

About Fourier Intelligence International Pte. Ltd
Fourier Intelligence is a leading technology company dedicated to developing exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics with a focus on creativity since its inception in 2015. The company collaborates with researchers, therapists, and patients to deliver cutting-edge rehabilitation robotics solutions. Fourier Intelligence aims to elevate user experience through its interconnectable intelligent robotics technology, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use system that enhances the lives of both patients and therapists.
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