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Indonesian Government Calls on Citizens to Support the Vision of Indonesia Emas 2045

SINGAPORE –  Indonesia is poised to enter a transitional phase in 2024 before embarking on a new era in the 2025-2045 national long-term development. According to the Acting Head of the Central Statistics Agency, Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti, Indonesia’s economic growth remains fairly stable amid the ongoing global uncertainties. Fundamentally, Indonesia’s economy is in robust shape compared to the economic crisis of 1998. This fundamental strength will serve as a significant asset for accelerated progress in the upcoming period.

“We believe that amidst the geopolitical upheavals triggered by the Ukraine-Russia conflict, followed by the current Israel-Palestine situation, and global threats to energy and food prices, Indonesia’s economy remains solid. The macroeconomic management, both fiscal and monetary, is well-coordinated between the central and regional governments. We can maintain stable growth at around five per cent,” she stated during an investment forum themed “Investment Trends in Indonesia 2024 and Green Economic Opportunities” in Singapore on Friday (8/12).

Amalia mentioned that the vision for Indonesia Emas 2045 will soon be enshrined in law, serving as a guide for all stakeholders in Indonesia.

“We also need to build ownership among the people so that this vision can be a source of pride and a shared dream. So that when it is achieved, it will be a source of pride for all of us. Not only for the Indonesian people but also for investors contributing to this vision.”

To achieve this goal, Amalia pointed out the need for an additional one per cent in Indonesia’s economic growth.

“This one per cent means we have to find new sources of economic growth. We will continue to promote industrialization, and downstream will not stop. Downstreaming is not only in minerals and mining but also in agro-based and ocean-based sectors.”

Amalia is confident that with these new approaches to managing Indonesia’s economy, the target of six per cent growth can be achieved.

In the same event, addressing more than 200 forum participants, the Minister of Investment/Head of BKPM, Bahlil Lahadalia, stated that the investment climate in Indonesia is evolving, and Indonesia remains open to collaborating with investors from Singapore to invest in Indonesia. Bahlil also emphasized that Indonesia does not provide special facilities for specific countries only but is open to all investors from various nations.

“I know that Indonesia is facing a political year, but we are confident that politics will not disturb the investment climate in Indonesia. The government is facilitating business permits through the OSS Indonesia application for free,” he expressed.

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