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OurDailyNewsOnline.com Collaborates with VRITIMES for Enhanced Press Release Services

Manila, 15-Feb-2024, OurDailyNewsOnline.com, a comprehensive source for the latest in technology, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and global events, has announced a strategic partnership with VRITIMES, a Tokyo-based media technology company known for its advanced press release distribution platform. This collaboration aims to extend the reach and impact of press releases across a multitude of sectors, leveraging the dedicated VRITIMES page on OurDailyNewsOnline.com.

OurDailyNewsOnline.com, with its diverse content and up-to-date news coverage, provides an ideal platform for VRITIMES to showcase its press release services. The dedicated VRITIMES page, accessible at OurDailyNewsOnline.com/vri-times, serves as a specialized hub for press releases distributed through VRITIMES, offering readers direct access to a wide range of news and announcements.

“This partnership with OurDailyNewsOnline.com marks a significant step forward in our mission to enhance the visibility and accessibility of press releases,” said Ferry Bayu, Co-Founder / CEO of VRITIMES. “The dedicated VRITIMES page on OurDailyNewsOnline.com will serve as a vital resource for our clients, ensuring their press releases receive the attention they deserve.”


VRITIMES (https://www.vritimes.com/ph/service) is a media technology startup company, established in Tokyo in August 2022. We specialize in press releases, functioning both as a media platform and a distributor to our media partners. Users can create and distribute press releases through VRITIMES, then use our analytics feature to review their results – all within one solution. By making it easy and affordable to distribute press releases, we aim to facilitate a more valuable flow of information in the world, serving as the infrastructure that ensures this information reaches the media and consumers.

OurDailyNewsOnline.com is a dynamic news portal that brings readers the latest and most relevant information across various fields, including technology, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. With a commitment to providing timely and accurate news, OurDailyNewsOnline.com has become a trusted source for readers worldwide.

This Press Release has also been published on VRITIMES