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DashoContent Launches a New Subscription Model for Unlimited Marketing Content with “Human Touch”

– DashoContent provides custom-tailored digital marketing content meticulously designed to capture your brand’s voice. – DashoContent is an extension of your marketing department, offering a 70% boost in content production and ensuring a 25% faster turnaround for reliable and swift delivery. – Brands get customized marketing content produced by expert creatives and writers – Subscribers can request as many requests and revisions as necessary, ensuring brand alignment and customer satisfaction.

DashoContent has been at the forefront of transforming B2B marketing content production for medium to large enterprises. With marketing made complicated due to the advent of Generative AI, many CMOs see the need for a “human touch” becoming more crucial in creating marketing content. DashoContent understands the diverse demands of modern marketing and has made it a mission to create innovative solutions – one of which is the Unlimited Content subscription.

Unlimited Content subscription
Unlimited Content subscription

For CMOs and marketing leaders in real estate, the Unlimited Content Subscription offers a consistent, reliable approach to creating content. Tech startup companies and founders benefit from cost-efficient, time-saving solutions, creating a strong and consistent brand voice that resonates with their target audience as they iterate and test through their campaigns. This approach by DashoContent to streamlined production allows teams to focus on distribution, eliminating roadblocks and saving time.

“Our Unlimited Content subscription is a novel approach to marketing services. We are the first to offer this for CMOs in Asia-Pacific,” said Fleire Castro, Founder and CEO of DashoContent. “I believe this can be a game-changer for brands, especially in the real estate and tech industries, looking just to have a content team they can rely on for consistent production to support backlogs – a common frustration for marketing departments.”

For CMOs and marketing leaders
For CMOs and marketing leaders

The content subscription highlights cost-efficiency through fixed monthly rates, providing businesses with financial predictability and saving valuable internal resources. With 2-3 days of fast turnarounds instead of waiting on weeks of content production, this guarantees timely content delivery for teams. Its flexible monthly subscription model also allows brands to adjust their requirements based on evolving needs – text, graphics, or both.

“I cannot explain how much DashoContent has alleviated our worries and time commitment to doing quality content.” expressed Lee O., an entrepreneur and one of the first customers of DashoContent since its launch in late 2021.

DashoContent has worked with powerhouse real estate and tech brands, including Angkas, Mactan Cebu International Airport, and Alveo, in just two years of its founding. Another customer: uHoo, a tech startup in Hong Kong involved in the environmental health industry, utilizes DashoContent and balances requests for SEO articles to support SEO campaigns, email copies to support email marketing efforts, and others to support marketing efforts that lead to an increase in sales.

Teams have used the DashoContent Unlimited Content subscription to augment their internal marketing, helping them focus on strategy and distribution instead. Prices for the plans start at USD 700/month for unlimited copies.

Marketing departments can streamline content production and benefit from DashoContent’s Unlimited Content Subscription by checking currently available plans on the website at www.dashocontent.com

About DashoContent
DashoContent is a B2B content platform that simplifies content production for B2B brands by offering expert-crafted, customized, and affordable unlimited content. DashoContent empowers brands with a dedicated content team as an expansion of their marketing department and with unlimited content tailor-fit to their brand voice for business growth on subscription.
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