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MFast and Global Dominion Partner to Enhance Financial Inclusion for All Filipinos Nationwide

MFast, a prominent Southeast Asian sales agent network, and Global Dominion, a renowned provider of accessible loan products, have formed a partnership aimed at expanding financial inclusion across the Philippines.

Manila, Philippines—MFast and Global Dominion are excited to announce a strategic customer origination partnership focused on broadening financial inclusion for all Filipinos nationwide.

MFast, a leading South East Asia sales agent network, initially established in Vietnam by entrepreneur twin brothers: Phan Thanh Long & Phan Thanh Vinh, has gained recognition for its innovative digitally-enabled human-assisted approach to servicing the underbanked consumers.

By partnering with Global Dominion, a company celebrated for its accessible loan products and efficient service, MFast continues its mission to empowerevery Filipino, especially those in the provinces, with an income opportunity as well as access to regulated financial products.

The partnership was officially sealed at a signing ceremony attended by senior executives from both companies, including MFast Philippines’ General Manager, Carolyn Rose G. Lao, MFast Philippines’ Marketing & Communications Lead, Jay Padriga, and Global Dominion’s Vice Chairman & CEO, Robert B. Jordan Jr., along with President & Managing Director, Patricia Poco-Palacios.

Lao underscored the importance of this alliance, stating, “This partnership is not just about merging our operations; it’s about aligning our core values to drive financial empowerment throughout the Philippines, a commitment that we are both deeply dedicated to.”

Global Dominion brings to the partnership its robust expertise in financial services, including car and business loan products that cater to a broad demographic. Palacios expressed enthusiasm about the cooperation, noting, “Working with MFast enhances our capabilities to service a wider client base while continuing to provide the financial tools essential for business and personal growth.”

This partnership is poised to transform the financial landscape in the Philippines by making financial services more inclusive and accessible, thus fostering economic growth and stability across the country.

Visit MFast’s website for more details on its services. To explore Global Dominion’s range of financial products, please visit the Global Dominion’s website.

About MFast Philippines

MFast, established in 2017 by entrepreneurs Phan Thanh Long and Phan Thanh Vinh, is a pioneering fintech company headquartered in Vietnam, with expanding operations across Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. As a dynamic agent banking platform, MFast specializes in providing digital financial solutions aimed at enhancing financial inclusivity for the underbanked population. With a mission to empower individuals through improved financial literacy and access, MFast continues to drive financial empowerment with cutting-edge technology and user-centric services.

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